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About Jack

Quote from Jack: "I love the sound of that car!"

Quote from Jack: "I want to know what the announcer is saying about me when I'm out there :)."

Quote from Jack: "I want to know everybody's name"

Quote from Jack: "I want to make it easier for people to go from being a newcomers to being people who know the other folks in their class and have contact with them outside of events."

Quote from Jack: "I want a live scoreboard."

Quote from Jack: "Drifting is allowed in autocross, but only for front wheel drives ;)"

Quote from Jack: "I want to lessen the social barrier between car classes. I imagine there are more similarities between Miatas and BMWs that people acknowledge."

Quote from Jack: "I want to understand which drivers bond with which, based on what car each of them drives."

Quote from Jack: "I want to understand the driver / codriver dynamic. How these teams are formed, what each person (thinks she) gets out of it, how are responsibilities shared within the team."

Quote from Jack: "In general, I'm in favor of having less car classes."

Quote from Jack: "How about a car class where anything goes, except your tires have to be at least five years old?"

Quote from Jack: "Nobody has more rear brake than Mike Berry."

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